Né(e) en :1981
Nationalité :Inde
C 703, Classic View, Off Link road
Kandarpada, Dhahisar west
400068 Mumbai - Inde


Inverse Proportions - 2011 - Engravings, archival print, folded & pasted on archival board

Visual Affair:
My works can be called a ‘visual affair’. In an explanatory sense, an intimacy or a tension between two facets or objects getting absorbed within a new distinct reality and performing with a new functional identity.
An amplification of my surroundings including images from my immediate world is portrayed. Small occurrences which happen around me play in my work, are magnified, processed or zoomed in, sometimes focusing on microscopic details, and creating new instances or situations for these objects.
To discuss more, the work also talks about mirroring occurrences and the equations that happen within the space of my work, negotiating with a visual tension created by re-defining images in a new context. At times I derive my ideas from virtual games such as ‘Titers’ or the Brick game.
Each image converses with its mirrored reflection building up a visual dialogue with the space which can be decoded by the viewer. So there are always two halves in my works. This interest came with a self-indulgence which developed into a strong association with the ‘mirror’ and its reflective responsibilities. This self-obsession started with my earlier practice of creating numerous self-portraits., which eventually developed or extended into my surroundings.
Currently I am using images which I have digitally worked upon with engravings etched on these works. I make patterns of these images & juxtapose them in various ways on the work space.  These visuals are the images of my own body parts, which are mirrored to create a mosaic like pattern.
All the works are in a ‘diptych form’ with an underlying concept to magnify or exaggerate the affair/intimacy/tension created by them.
Currently working in Baroda, India.
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Born in 1981, Amravati, Maharashtra, India.

Qualification: ’10 – Post Graduate Diploma in Indian Aesthetics,
University of Mumbai. India
’06 – G.D. Art, Vasai Vikasini College of Visual Arts. India

Seminar/ workshop: ’12 – Artist camp at UTTARAYAN, Jaspur India.
’11 – International Artist Residency at NIV Art Centre, New Delhi, India.
’11 – Artist camp at Aurobindo Ashram Vadodara,Gujrat, India. Conducted
By Druk Bashya.
’10 – Invited as guest speaker for “National Seminar on Practicing Indian
Aesthetics”, at University of Mumbai. India.
’09 – Invited by Kala Vidya Sankul to conduct a workshop on “Use of
New media in painting"
Group Show: ’12 – VAL, A group show at Exhibition hall, Fine art Gallery, MSU Baroda
’12 – Trends in Contemporary Art; Fine art Gallery, MSU Baroda
’11 – “disORGANISED” a group show at Jehaingir Art Gallery.
’11 – The One Square Foot Show, by Studio Verve.
’11 – India Art Collective- An online art fare, represented by Gallery BMB
’11 – “Movement, Medium & Metaphor” curated by Georgina Maddox at
NIV Art Centre, New Delhi. India
’09 – Invited to create an installation for “Bandra Art Festival”
’09 – “The Last Dimension” Sams Art Hub.
’09 – Art n Artifacts.
‘08 – “Making a Lasting Impressions” Gallery Beyond.
‘08 – “Phases of Matter” – Two men show at Jehangir Art
‘06 – Monsoon Show, Jehangir Art Gallery.

Awards: ‘06 – N S Bendre Foundation Award for Painting,
29tth Monsoon Show, Jehangir Art Gallery.
‘06 – The Bombay Society’s Award for Painting.

Residence Address: C/703, Classic View Apartments,
Off Link road, I.C. Colony Extension,
Kandharpada, Dahisar (W),
Mumbai – 400 068.