Né(e) en :1948
Nationalité :Angleterre
La Grange Blanche
43, rue de Montreuil
62170 Neuville sous Montreuil

+33 (0)3 21 06 81 93

Rouge et bleu tournant - 2010 - acrylique sur toile 92x92

Since the 1970's I have focused on geometric abstraction.
My paintings are created from a variety of sources and are
produced through organisation, choice, trial and experimentation
using simple systems of construction.

I work in acrylics on canvas using flat colour within a
minimalist square or rectangular format.
During research and production, chance plays a part and
often new areas of investigation lead to the next series.

The dynamics involved in the paintings reveal opposition and
interplay between the vertical, horizontal and diagonal elements;
based on what feels right to the eye and not just on exact
mathematical theories of proportion or ideal ratios.


Watford School of Art.
St. Albans School of Art.


1978-1982 Chelsea School of Art, London.
1982-1984 Haringey Education Department, London.
1984-1997 Kingsway College, London.
1998-1998 Barnet College, North London.
1998-1999 City Literary Institute, London.
2000-2003 Canterbury College, Kent.

Solo Exhibitions

1981 Middlesex Polytechnic Gallery, London.
1983 St. James's Church Piccadilly, London.
1985 Centre 181 Gallery, London.
1997 Open Studio Exhibition, London.
2000 Coastal Currents Exhibition, Kent.
2001 Deal Gallery, Deal, Kent.
2001 Sassoon Gallery, Folkestone Museum, Kent.
2003 Hythe Gallery, Kent.
2007 ‘Dialogues’ Montreuil, France.

Mixed Exhibitions

1975 Dun Laoghaire School of Art, Dublin, Eire.
1976 AIR Gallery, London.
1977 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London.
1978 National Museum of Wales, Cardiff.
1979 Chelsea School of Art, London.

1981 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London.
1981 Contemporary British Artists, Tokyo, Osaka, Japan.
1981 Nichido Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.
1981 Ian Birksted Gallery, London.
1981 Arteder Muestra Internacionale de Arte, Madrid, Spain..
1981 Gallery 25, Surrey.
1981 Wapping Artists Exhibition, London.
1981 Musée Municipale des Beaux Arts, Tourcoing, France.

1983 Wapping Artists Exhibition, London.
1983 Air & Space, AIR Gallery, London.

1984 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London.
1984 The Royal Overseas League, London.
1984 Art Show '84, Haringey, London.
1984 Art in Tower Hamlets 1984, Whitechapel, London.

1985 Diverse Works Gallery, Houston Texas, USA.
1985 The Last Wapping Show, London.

1986 A Splash of Colour, Art For Offices, London.
1986 Art of Today 1, Budapest Gallery, Hungary.

1987 Freuds Gallery, London.
1987 Art of Today 2, Budapest Gallery, Hungary.

1988 Riverside Studios, Hammersmith, London.

1989 East End Open Studios, Berry Street Studios, London.
1989 Critic's Space 5, AIR Gallery, London.
1989 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London.
1989 Friends of Air & Space, AIR Gallery, London.
1989 British International Print Exhibition,City of Bristol Museum.

1990 Art of Today 3, Budapest Gallery, Hungary.
1990 Institute of Education, University of London.
1990 Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, Cwmbran, South Wales.
1990 Newbury District Museum, Newbury, Berkshire.

1991 Lancashire Polytechnic, Preston, Lancashire.
1991 The City Gallery, Leicester.
1991 Rhyl Library Museum & Art Gallery, Rhyl, North Wales.
1991 Brunel University, Uxbridge.
1991 The Art of The Printmaker, Royal Festival Hall, London.

1992 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London.

1993 Cross Section, Gardner Arts Centre, University of Surrey.
1993 Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London.

1995 University of Hertfordshire, St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

1997 Café Gallery, Christmas Show, London.
1998 New End Gallery, Hampstead, London.
2000 Coastal Currents, Hythe, Kent.
2000 The Metropole Gallery, Folkestone, Kent.
2001 Deal Gallery, Kent.
2001 Sassoon Gallery, Folkestone Museum, Kent.
2001 Coastal Currents Visual Arts Festival, Kent.
2001 Open Show, Folkestone Museum, Kent.

2002 Coastal Currents Visual Arts Festival, Kent.
2003 Hythe Gallery, Hythe, Kent.
2004- 2010 Portes ouvertes, Montreuil, France.
2009 'Passage', La Chapelle des Jésuites, Saint-Omer, France.
2010 Souffle d’Art, Conseil Général, Arras, France.

Corporate Collections / Private Commissions

London Borough of Camden.
British Airways.
Conseil Général Pas-de-Calais, France.
Glaxo Pharmaceuticals International.
Scarborough Art Gallery.
Private Collections in London, New York, Japan,
France & Switzerland.
Triptych Exhibition Review, Ian Birksted Gallery London, Arts Review, 1982.
The Last Wapping Show, Art Line International, 1985.
Wapping Artists, Musée Municipale des Beaux Arts, Tourcoing, France, Catalogue, 1982.
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The Royal Academy, Hillmartin Manor Press, 1988.
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La Voix du Nord, Portes ouvertes review, 18.10.2010.