Œuvres sur papier
Nationalité :Serbie
Kralja Petra Prvog 46/27
34300 Arandjelovac


Structure XI - 2019 - Impression digitale et perforations manuelles, 50 x 50 cm

In my last art projects I deal with graphic media boundaries, actualisation of (post)structuralist theories in contempo­rary art as well as with the methodology of open artwork composing. By using multi­part multimedia setting, the projects aim to emphasise and analyse the idea of creating a visual work of art through the application of specific scientific (mathematical/ linguis­tic/semiotic) rules, which, in turn, opens the door to reconsideration of tradi­tional principles with regard to presentation and perception of the graphic sheet/print and printmaking as an art medium in general. These works came forth from exploring the communication as a system of transferring information from one subject to another using minimal visual elements, as well as from researching the process of the visual structure perception itself by analysing the intercommunication between its elements.

Using raster scheme as a compositional element defines the structural space of (trans) formations of visual progression and emphasises its non-mimetic properties. Design of visual structure is a metalinguistic sample that highlights the principle of its construction and formal syntaxic rules that regulate  relations of structural visual elements – thus the structure becomes an artifact resulting from variations, permutations and creation of the structure from the visual structure.
Visual artist/printmaker

Born 1989 in Belgrade, Serbia.


2010. B.F.A. Printmaking Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
2012. M.F.A. Printmaking Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia
2018. Doctor of Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade, Serbia (dissertation: “Ars Combinatoria as a Method of Visual Speculacion, the Exhibition of Mobile Graphic Structures“)

Had fourteen solo exhibitions in Serbia and participated in many group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad (Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, UK, USA, Canada, China, Brazil and Egypt)
Member of Artists’ Association of Serbia (ULUS).

Lives and works in Belgrade.

More on: danjatekic.weebly.com