Nationalité :Danemark
Wildersgade 17
1408 Copenhague

+45 262 547 93

Between - 2016 - Béton fibré, 160 x 110 x 96 cm

Tina Kallehave works with sculpture, installation and relief. Materials from the nature such as leaves, roots and stones, industrial products such as steel wire, rope and fibre concrete as well as classic materials like clay, plaster and bronze dominate her works. She examines the sculptural qualities of the materials by modelling, burning, enlarging, casting, knitting, perforating etc. Other times the working method is classic with modelling and casting. In her creation of the form itself nature is a central source of inspiration.
Social logics, prevailing norms and what they do to people is the focal point of Tina Kallehaves art. Everything we have to do and everything we are not allowed to do. Written and unwritten powerful rules. Informed by a dialectical approach she raises questions to the life that is going on between people and between people and systems. Thematically her works revolve around topics of categorization, complexity, relations, exclusion, care, power, recognition, loneliness, doubt, loss and hope. Through her work on materials, form, contrast, texture, light and shade, she looks for expressions that convey such themes in an abstract or symbolic way.
Tina Kallehave lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Nationality: Danish
Homepage: tinakallehave.dk

2016 - 2017 Bjørn Ignatius Øckenholts Art School, Copenhagen, courses and atelier
2015 – 2016 Spektrum Art School, Copenhagen, Ingela and Thomas Skytte
2013 – 2014 Skulpturskolen.dk, Skanderborg, Thomas Andersson, sculpture school
2012 - 2013 Art Academy Aarhus, sculpture classes, Thomas Andersson
2010 - 2011 The Classical School of Drawing, Glyptoteket Copenhagen, Asbjørn Jakobsen

2020 Museum Frello, Varde Art association, Varde 20.03.-03.05. Solo exhibition.
2019 73e Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Parc Floral de Paris Espace Événement, Paris. 19.-21. October.
Group exhibitions:
2019 “Fragments of Space and Time”, Mississippi Art- and culture house, Hvidbjerg, Thyholm. Group exhibition.
2019 “HOMO MIGRANS”, IX International Sculpture Exhibition, Ølgod, 2019. Group exhibition.
2018-2019 “Er alle mennesker mennesker” (Are all human beings human beings?), Curator. Art-happening in front of the Government building at Christiansborg Slotsplads. 25 Thursdays from the Governments decision of the Finance Law for 2019 until the Parliament Election 5th June 2019.
2018 “OE-open”, pop-up group exhibition.
2018 “Under grund – over grund” (Under ground – Above ground), World heritage Stevns Symposium 2018. Sculpture for Store Heddinge sculpture park. Site specific.
2017 Artists Summer Exhibition 2017, Tistrup, juried group exhibition
2017 “7 Minds”, Pop-up Gallery, group exhibition name7
2016 “Everything on one board - of a certain length”, Ignatius.dk, Copenhagen, group exhibition
2016 “Open shops”, Eatate Mægler, Virum, solo exhibition
2015 Allerød Art Association, Allerød, juried exhibition. Prised by the jury, 2nd prize
2015 ”Artist Days at Schæffergården”, Gentofte, group exhibition
2015 ”View 15” Spektrum Art School, Copenhagen, group exhibition
2015 Butik OSKA, Lyngby, solo exhibition
2015 “Open doors”, Lyngby Art Association, group exhibition
2015 Helligåndshuset, Strøget, Copenhagen, group exhibition
2015 “Open doors”, Lindegården, Lyngby, group exhibition
2014 “Open doors”, Lyngby Art Association, group exhibition
2013 ”Home” Art Academy Aarhus, group exhibition
2012 Aarhus Festival, Art Academy Aarhus, group exhibition

Solo exhibitions
2019 “Man”, Cobrarummet, Sophienholm. Solo exhibition
2017 “Between Humans”, Byens Hegn, Metroselskabet, Copenhagen, public commissioned work
2017 “NETS”, Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke, Global Platform Denmark, solo exhibition
2014 ”Openings”, Cobrarummet, Sophienholm, solo exhibition

2019 Danish Sculpture Association
2018 VAK – West Seelands working Artist workshops
2016 Artist group ”name7”