Nationalité :République Tchèque
Zájezdec 18
53851 Zájezdec


190301 - 2019 - Bois verni, 40 x 40 x 5 cm

Eva Francova‘s work is based on mathematical and geometric construction principles. She uses ordinary materials (wood veneer, twigs, sticks, wooden boards, cardboard) to create the works where the components gain new meaning in their rule of repeating.
The wooden relief modules represent a concept of structured and spatially developed arrangments of identical parts - straps of veneer. Their order is rhythm, harmony, development, continuity without beginning and end. This concept is proved by the possibility to assemble the modules into bigger units.
Eva Francova was born in Pardubice, Czech Republic, in 1956. Lives and works in Zajezdec.
She studied at the University of Hradec Kralove, at the Faculty of Education, Arts and Mathematics degree
and at the Secondary School of Art and Design in Brno, promotional graphic art.
She taught at the University of Hradec Kralove, Department of Art.
Eva Francova presented her work on solo shows in Czech Republic, Macedonia, Poland and Germany.
She also participated in numerous group exhibitions in France, Germany, Switzerland, Macedonia, Slovakia, Japan, Egypt, South Korea, Brazil, America, Poland, China, Taiwan, Austria, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Russia. Her work is represented in public collections widely in Europe, Asia and Africa.
2018GOLDEN OSTEN AWARD, Osten Biennial of Drawing Skopje 2018 / Macedonia
Exhibitions / selection
2019Salon Réalités Nouvelles, Paris / France
CINÉTIQUE II Paris-Bâle-Hamburg, Galerie Renate Kammer, Hamburg / Germany
Konkrétní podzim 2019 / Minimal, Hradec Králové / Czech Republic
OSTEN Gallery Skopje, solo exhibition / Macedonia
CINÉTIQUE II Paris-Bâle, Espace Fanal, Basel / Switzerland
Formy geometrie, Galerie KD Holice, duo exhibition with Markéta Váradiová / Czech Republic
2018OSTEN Biennial of Drawing Skopje 2018 / Macedonia
CINÉTIQUE II, Galerie Abstract Project, curated by Milija Belic, Paris / France
Under the Aegis of the KK3, Kunsthaus Rehau IKKP / Germany
Konkrétní podzim 2018 / Trikolora, Hradec Králové / Czech Republic
Concrete Summer / Contemporary European Geometrical Tendencies, curated by Viktor Hulík, Bratislava / Slovakia
Galerie VČD Pardubice, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
2017We other… Biennale Internationale d’Art Non Objectif, curated by Roland Orépük, Pont de Claix / France
Konkrétní podzim 2017 / Materiál, struktura, objekt, Hradec Králové / Czech Republic
2016Galerie Mázhaus Pardubice, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
2014Ohne Title. 20 Jahre Marianne und Reiner Lenhardt-Stiftung, Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern / Germany
Künstlerhaus Schirnding, solo exhibition / Germany
2011Galerie Goller Selb, solo exhibition / Germany
2010Continuity / Kontinuita, Rotunda Gallery Nebraska / USA
Geometry of sensitivity / Club of the Concretics East Bohemia, Galerie Caesar, Olomouc / Czech Republic
Galerie Mázhaus Pardubice, duo exhibition with František Kyncl / Czech Republic
2009Acqui Prize – International Biennial of Engraving 2009, Acqui Terme / Italy
2008International Print Exhibition of Yunnan 2008, Kunming / China
Galerie Fons Pardubice, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
Divadlo 29 Pardubice, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
2007GIAF 2007 – Geyongnam International Art Festival, Geyongnam / Korea
PRINT – International Print Triennial Cracow–Oldenburg–Wien, Künstlerhaus Wien / Austria
Artists Symposium Schirnding 2007 / Germany
International Triennial Dry Point 2007, Uzice / Serbia
Artyści UHK, ACK UMCS Lublin / Poland
Městské muzeum Chrast, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
2006Print and Drawing Biennial Taiwan 2006 / R.O.C.
BIPAF – Busan International Print Art Festival 2006 / Korea
Egyptian International Print Triennial Cairo / Egypt
Annual International Exhibition of Miniatures “little m”, Vilnius / Lithuania
International Artist´s Book Triennial Vilnius ´06 / Lithuania
International Small Engraving Salon Carbunari 2006 / Romania
Andriolli Drawing Competition Naleczów 2006 / Poland
Czeska piwnica / Český sklep, Galerie Gardzienice Lublin / Poland
Galerie 31 MBP Lublin, solo exhibition / Poland
Galerie Art UMCS Lublin, solo exhibition / Poland
2005Galerie AMB Hradec Králové, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
Galerie Katakomby Brno, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
2004International Art Triennale Majdanek 2004, Lublin / Poland
Mezinárodní plenér Pardubice 2004 / Czech Republic
Městské muzeum Chrast, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
2001International Artist´s Book Triennial Vilnius ´00, Galerie 5020, Salzburg / Austria
Galerie Luka Prague, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
2000International Triennial of Graphic Art Bitola / Macedonia
International Art Triennale Majdanek 2000, Lublin / Poland
Sapporo International Print Biennale / Japan
International Artist ’s Book Triennial Vilnius ‘00 / Lithuania
Galerie Univerzity Pardubice, solo exhibition / Czech Republic
International Triennial of Original Graphic Prints, Competition „Time“, Grenchen / Switzerland
Osten Museum of Drawing, Skopje / Macedonia
Art Collection of Pont de Claix / France
Marianne und Reiner Lenhardt-Stiftung, Kaiserslautern / Germany
Galerie Goller Selb / GermanyMuseum of Contemporary Graphic Arts in Egypt, Cairo / EgyptNational Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts / Taiwan, R.O.C.Tama Art University Museum, Tokyo / JapanNational Museum in Warsaw / PolandState museum Majdanek, Lublin / PolandCollection of International Guanlan Print Biennial / China
Florean Museum’s Collection of Contemporary Art, Maramures / RomaniaPermanent Collection of “Bookartas”, Vilnius / LithuaniaArchiv of NGO “Actus magnus”, Vilnius / LithuaniaInternational Print Triennale Society Cracow / PolandNovosibirsk Art Gallery / Russia