HULÍK Viktor

Né(e) en :1949
Nationalité :Slovakia
Istrijská 80,
841 07 Bratislava - Slovakia

+421 903 468 776

Small Geo-Mover 44 - 2016 - Variable object, MDF, acrylic 40x40x6

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by NATURE, by its transformations, variations,
the variety of shapes, colors and forms,
the omnipresence of MOVEMENT,
the multitude of astonishing links, relationships and continuity …
Attempts to grasp movement in works of art are manifest in various forms throughout the previous century, its latter part in particular. The idea of motion became the key concept of my work in the early 1980s. Although movement has been developed and expressed in various mediums, my art program has maintained continuity: one stage—which introduces new solutions—results logically from the previous one.
The Movers work introduced in 1985 is based on the principle of stark contrast. With Movers, I found the key to transforming a rationally organized structure into a chaotically destructed picture formation containing new aesthetic information.
In the more recent Geo-Movers, I applied the results of experimentation with identical elements and their transformation potentials. In this work, geometric constructions are formed from several layers—which can be seen as precise, compact, almost minimalist—either black and white or, by contrast, brightly colored. There is usually an eccentrically placed metal screw, which allows parts of the constructions to be rotated, and thus initially quite simple compositions, when set into motion, can display a wide range of transformations, from very subtle variations on the original set to very complex reconfigurations filled with crossings and turnings. Every alteration creates a new variation of the original image. A very important moment occurs as the viewer /participant takes part in these changes.
Viktor Hulík
- born in Bratislava
- studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava
- one month scholarship in Italy
- member of the International Artists Group INT-ART
- visiting artist - Graphic Workshop of City Pécs, Hungary
- symposium - workshop of the International group INT-ART, Subotica, Yugoslavia
- member of the Artists Association GERULATA
- one-year grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York, USA
- 3rd Prize at Slovak Poster Triennial, Trnava
- meeting and symposium of the International Group INT-ART, Hurdal, Norway
- Symposium d´Arts Plastique in Perigueux, France
- participation at The International Painting Symposium in Moravany nad Váhom
- visiting artist, lectures - Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, Sunderland University, Sunderland,
Great Britain
- meeting and symposium of the International Group INT-ART, Ringköbing, Denmark
- elected President of the Slovak Artists Union, (until 1995)
- participation in the International Symposium HIER und DORT, Zug, Switzerland
- participation in the International Art Symposium in Osrblie
- founded the ARTlines Agency and Gallery Z (Zichy Palace, Bratislava)
- participation in the International Art Symposium in Osrblie
- visiting artist, lectures, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, Great Britain
- participation in the International Art Symposium in Osrblie
- participation in the art symposium - Art in the Spa,Turčianske Teplice
- visiting artist - Cleveland State University, Cleveland, USA
- member of the Club of Concretists
- idea and realisation of Bratislava Laser Timepiece, (sound cooperation Miloš Betko)
- visiting artist - gallery talks, West Georgia University, Carrollton, USA
- Sunderland University International Artist Fellowship, Sunderland University, Sunderland, Great Britain
- member of the International movement MADI
- residency in the International Cité des Arts, Paris, France
- awarded Július Satinský Prize –Bratislava Blueberry
- participation at opening of Tranformable Art ofViktor Hulik and Milan Dobeš, Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, Dallas, USA
- lecture Eastern European Constructive Art, Arcadia salon, Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, Dallas, USA
- opening speach and participation at the exhibition After Hours – Individual Stories at Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Ana, California, USA
- V-Club (with D. Turanský), Bratislava
- Pictures, Municipal Gallery - Slovnaft (with M. Hrčka), Bratislava
- Pictures, Collages, Graphics, Cyprián Majerník Gallery, Bratislava
- Graphics, Collages, Paintings, Objects 1979-1983, Cyprián Majerník Gallery, Bratislava
- Collages, A. Kmeť Regional Museum of Turiec, Martin
- Shifts and Projections 1., Municipal Cultural Centre, Senica
- Collages, Paintings, Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Prague
- Shifts and Projections 2., Gallery of the Slovak Artists Union, Bratislava
- Viktor Hulík, Gallery Tolerance, Hamburg, Germany
- Graphics, Collages, Gallery Pod podloubim, Olomouc
- Viktor Hulík, IH Gallery, Pécs, Hungary
- Hulík-Meliš, Atrium (with J. Meliš), Prague
- Hulík-Meliš, Gallery of Kirovski Region (with J. Meliš), Moscow, USSR
- The Borderlines Artistic Rudeness of Work (with J. Meliš), The Old School, Gottlesbrunn, Austria
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- In honour of Colštok, (folding meter), J. Koniarek Gallery, Trnava
- In honour to Colštok, M.A. Bazovský Gallery, Trenčín; P.M. Bohúň Gallery, Liptovský Mikuláš; Municipal Gallery,
- Viktor Hulík, Gallery and Presentation room, Hotel Holiday Inn, Bratislava
- Viktor Hulik – Anamorphic Constructs, Cleveland State University Art Gallery, Cleveland, USA
- Viktor Hulík, Juraj Meliš – Sculptures, Objects, Pictures; Helmut Servas Kunsthalle, Rodalben, Germany
- Viktor Hulík and Pavol Binder, German Embassy, Bratislava
- 50 x Viktor Hulík, Slovak National Gallery, Vermes Villa, Dunajská Streda
- Evolving Enviroments, Decker Gallery, Baltimore, (with Jurgen Faust,(D) and Marcin Berdyszak,(PL), USA,
- Encounter with Art, CCS Consulting, Bratislava, (with Robert Urbásek and Igor Mosný)
- Computer Graphic, Gallery Z, Bratislava
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Muzeum im Kulturspeicher, Würzburg, Germany
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- State Gallery, Banská Bystrica
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- Regional Museum, Topolčany
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- HypoVereinsbank, Munich, Germany
- Slovak Savings Bank, Bratislava
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- West Georgia University, Carrollton, USA
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- Sammlung Siegried Grauwinkel, Berlin, Germany
and in personal collections:
Slovakia, USA, Czech Republic, Austria, Yugoslavia, Germany, Estonia, Norway, Denmark, France, Hungary,