CEHIC Arleta

Né(e) en :1963
Nationalité :Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vrapcici bb
88113 Mostar - Bosnia and Herzegowina
GSM : 00387 63 986 200

Sans titre - 2017 - Technique mixte 18x18x0,5 (©photo Arleta Cehic)

About my work

Everything that has happened so far, is the sum of continuity and discontinuity. In Discontinuity we have the nucleus of continuity. Life as such, never dies. Death as such, allows further life.

The circle unites antagonisms, it is at the same time a thesis and antithesis. In its inner disagreement, it shows dynamics and penetration. Penetration in essence: in the sense of the Form content.

Arleta Cehic