Né(e) en :1976
Nationalité :Pérou
32, rue de Passy
75016 Paris
Tél. 00 51 9 87 56 71 37
GSM : 00 51 5 4 43 12 34

Inmortalidad crepuscular - 2016 - Huile sur toile 200x160

Juan Carlos Zeballos Moscairo (1976, Arequipa, Peru)
lives and works in Arequipa, Peru, and in Paris, France. Holds his degree in Plastic Arts and Painting from Universidad Nacional de San Agustín/Perú (1995–2000), and Uni-versidad Federal de Pernambuco/Brazil (2001). He has had 21 solo shows in the Ameri-cas and Europe since he started exhibiting in 2000, and has appeared in many collective exhibitions in the Americas, Europe and Asia since 1999. Zeballos has won 9 first prices in national competitions of painting, and has received prices and national and internatio-nal Awards of Honor from various contests. His city, Arequipa, awarded him the Medal of Culture in 2001. As the only Latin American finalist, Zeballos’ work was selected for the III Biennial of Watercolor in Basin d´Arcachon (France) in 2013, and at the II In-ternational Biennial of Watercolor in Narbonne (France) in 2014.
In his work, Zeballos recycles the daily, visual urban information, which he decons-tructs, forging a dialogue between the theme and the visual texture, contrasts, and
chromatic spectrum. This allows him to re-create particular scenarios, revisit the figurati-ve, then move on to the expressionistic and/or the abstract, where he can narrate his own stories. Different registers branch out and play with one another, taking off the support of fragments of planes, until they generate a visual graphic design, and their genealogi-cal motif.
Zeballos’ work is part of the following select collections: Art Museum of the Americas (Florida), Latin Art Museum (California), Museo de la Acuarela Guati Rojo (Mexico), Fundación Oswaldo Goeldi (Brasil), and of private collections in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Zeballos has illustrated 11 books of Peruvian and foreign writers, and has collaborated on CD cover design (Ibs Classical). His work has been listed in catalogues of Contemporary Latin American Painting, and Peruvian Watercolor (2009–2014).


Education and residencies:

Residency, Atelier Piratininga, Sao Paolo, Brazil (2015)
Printing Studio Workshop, Atelier Piratininga, Sao Paolo, Brazil (2014)
Printing Studio Workshop, Pontifica Universidad Católica del Peru, Alliance Frances, Arequipa, Peru (2014)
Modern Art Degree, Center of Arts and Visual Communications, Universidad Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
Fine Arts Degree, Universidad Nacional de San Agustín, Arequipa, Peru (2000)
BA, Plastic Arts, School of Applied Arts, Universidad Nacional de San Agustín,
Arequipa, Peru (1995-1999)

Selected individual exhibitions:

Grabura Saudade, Atelier Piratininga, Sao Paolo, Brasil (2015)
Cartografía Cromática, Celal Gallery, Paris, France (2014)
Crónica del Aprendizaje, ICPNA gallery, Lima, Peru (2014)
Maremagnum, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Arequipa, Peru (2012);
Bi-Ceraldades: Latinoamérica Viva, Centro Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Arequi-pa, Peru (2012)
Mare Nostrum, Galería de Arte Aurora Bellido, Arequipa, Peru (2011);
New Paintings, High Point, North Caroline, USA (2011);
Paintings, Juan Carlos Zeballos, Grosse Pointe Art Center, Miami, USA (2009);
For Export /For Import, Galería Braque, Buenos Aires, Argentine (2008).

Selected collective exhibitions:

Acervo de Artistas, Galería Arte Aplicado, Sao Paolo, Brazil (2015)
Arte en la Playa, Galería Cecilia Gonzales, Lima, Peru (2015)
Bazarte 2015, Espacio de Arte de la Fundación Euroidiomas, Lima, Peru (2015)
Salón de Verano, Galería Moll, Lima, Peru (2015)
II International Biennial of Watercolor, Narbonne, France (2014)
VI. International Biennial of Miniature Print, Rosario, Argentine (2014)
Maestros del Desnudo, Galería Moll, Lima, Peru (2014)
V Premio Internacional de Grabado Atlante, Museo de Arte del Grabado a la Estampa Digital, Spain (2014)
Latin American Painting, UNESCO Center, Macao-China (2014)
Watercolor Biennial, Shenzhen, China (2013)
III Biennial of Watercolor, Basin d´Arcachon, France (2013)
IX Concurso Internacional de Pintura Desideril Lobarde, Teruel, Spain (2013)
Panorama Arequipeño, Du Pont Vieux Saint-Affrigue Gallery, France (2013)
Noche de Arte, US Embassy, Lima, Peru
XXVII Premio Hispanoamericano de Pintura “Diego Losada,” Spain, (2012)
XII Concurso Internacional de Pintura Universidad de Murcia, Spain, (2012)
Nueva Pintura de Perú, Latino Art Museum, California, USA (2012);
IV Trienal Internacional de Acuarela Santa Marta, Colombia (2012);
Acervo, Galería Arte Aplicada, Sao Paulo, Brasil (2012);
Bazarte 2011, Espacio de Arte de la Fundación Euroidiomas, Lima, Peru (2011);
Homenaje al maestro Enrique Urizar, Galería de Arte del Centro Cultural Peruano Nor-teamericano, Arequipa, Peru (2011);
Peruanische Künstler In Berlin, Temporary Gallery Berlin, Germany (2011);
Arequipa, Sala de Exposiciones Casona Aditora, Arequipa, Peru (2011);
Sus Distritos, Galeria d’Art i Disseny Patricia Muñoz de Barcelona, España (2011);
Pintura Peruana Hoy, Museum of Americas, USA (2011);
Arte Nuevo, Jazz Zone, Lima, Peru (2011).

Selected awards:

1st place, IV Concurso Nacional de Pintura Rápida “Mario Urteaga,” Cajamarca, Peru (2014);
Finalist of V Premio Internacional de Grabado Atlante, Spain (2014)
Honors from V Concurso Internacional de Pintura BCRP, Peru (2013)
Honors from II Concurso Internacional de Pintura Rápida “Mario Urteaga” Category of Avant-garde, Cajamarca, Peru, (2012)
Honors from XX Concurso Nacional de Artistas Jóvenes, Premio Cerro Verde orga-nized by Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano, Lima (2011);
Selected for XXIII Concurso de Acuarela Jaime Rey de Castro, Arequipa (2010);
Selected for III Concurso Nacional de Pintura Jóvenes Creadores 2010 organized by Municipalidad de Lima (2010).
Golden Medal at the International Competition of Painting of Taubate/Sao Paolo, Brazil (2006)