Né(e) en :1964
Nationalité :Pologne
ul. Bolesława Chrobrego 12
55-050 Sobótka - Pologne

+48 504 012 553
+48 504 012 553

Exercises in Space #07 - 2017 - Brass and acrylic paint, mounted on raw plywood 30x35x22 (©Jacek Dziubiński)

My personal style can be described as minimalistic geometric abstraction with a touch of the lyrical mood.
I apply reduction to evoke the sense of seclusion, void and emptiness. Often, my works are an act of contemplation. There is a very subtle tension behind many of them, for I believe that there is no stillness without movement or silence without sound.
In my works from “Exercises in Space” and “Functional Forms” series I examine the category of space in its varied aspects, simultaneously highlighting its indispensability for performing basic cognitive functions of the mind.
The primary intellectual inspirations for my art include Japanese aesthetic principle of Wabi-Sabi and Buddhist philosophy. In art I am influenced by 20th century avant-garde, modernism and functionalism in architecture (Bauhaus, etc.), minimalism and geometric abstraction, concrete and reductive art, orthodox icons and Japanese gardening art.
I do paintings, collages and assemblages. I also produce site-specific installations featuring typographic compositions, concrete poetry and sound. Recently I have started to crate sculptures.
Functionality of Space

In common understanding a space is a place or a receptacle containing objects and processes. In physics it means the surrounding environment where physical phenomena take place. In algebra it is a set with some added structure. Euclidean geometry describes it as a collection of points, each of which has three coordinates – XYZ – that define their position

Most concepts do not recognise space as something innate. To make it exist, either in theoretical considerations or in acts of perception, at leas one reference point is required. Without this point the space transforms into an infinite, homogeneous void. Especially that the observer himself or herself would need to be devoid of extension and a material form/shapes.

Most probably, however, we are unable to imagine a complete absence of space, either a virtual or a real one. We could speak about the latter in case of a space with the number of dimensions equal to zero.

My works from “Exercises in Space” and “Functional Forms” series examine the category of space in its varied aspects, simultaneously highlighting its indispensability for performing basic cognitive functions of the mind.

Solo exhibitions and acts

Functionality of Space, exhibition of collages and sculptures during Labirynt New Art Festival, Słubice-Frankfurt (Oder), 13–15 October 2017

Hidden Mirror, site-specific installations, paintings, objects, sound
Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw

Only, exhibition of paintings and collages from “Functional Forms” series
Cocofli Art Cafe, Wroclaw, 21.05–13.08.2015

Point (during “Aviaries 9” project)
Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, 13.12.13–05.01.14

Aphasia 2.0 (Encouragement to Impartiality), exhibition of visual poetry, typographic compositions and art books
Regional Museum in Sobótka, 13–27.11.2013

Statements or Notes, a street action: paintings in the city space of Wroclaw, May and November 2010

Homesick Homeseek, exhibition of paintings
Lorrière Castle, France, August 2008
Kalachakra Art Cafe, Wroclaw, 2010

Untimely Pictures. Everyday Life/Sky, exhibition of paintings and photography
Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, 2002

Selected group exhibitions and acts

Black and White, Light and Darkness
Concrete poetry and typographic compositions, in the Galeria 55 gallery at University of Lower Silesia in Wrocław, opening during Long Night of Museums, May 20, 2017
The Mind Scanning Product (performance)
Wroclaw Contemporary Museum, 05.04.2013

Improvisation (performance)
during the group event IT WILL NEVER END
Entropia Gallery, Wrocław, 16.10.2012
Moons 2 (reading)
during the first presentation of a joint project with Eugeniusz Minciel, painter
Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, 10.04.2012

Wabi-Sabi (assemblage + text)
during the group exhibition ENTROPY OF ART, part 2
Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, 06.09–23.09.2011
Kühlhaus, Berlin, 25.11–10.12.2011

Plots (painting)
during the group exhibition ENTROPIA IS GROWING
Entropia Gallery, Wroclaw, 28.02–07.03.2008