BELL Richard

Né(e) en :1955
Nationalité :Angleterre
71 Weston Park
N8 9TA Londre


Palimpsest No.11 - 2018 - Huile sur toile 59;4x42 (©photo Richard Bell)

Since the early 1980s the artist has developed a more ‘painterly’ approach to the complexity of formal colour relationships; language, interpretation and questions of indeterminacy and certainty.

The material process of colour-performance is for Richard Bell a concern with memory (fragments of the process: concealed and revealed); in the sense that colour relationships have potential to provide new definition and systematization.

Transformative surfaces and changing energies are perceived as new material colour-fields, boundaries and edges. Colour is used as a means to unsettle, evoke/provoke feeling (sensation), and yet provide a sense of organised colour-space.

June 2017.
Lives and Works in London


Selected Exhibitions and Publications

1979 ‘Artists Books’ Galerie Lydia Megert, Bern.
1981 ‘House Construction Show’ House Gallery, London.
1985 ‘Drawings’ Exhibiting Space, London.
1986 ‘Colour Presentations’: paintings by six artists working within a systematic constructive art practice. Touring exhibition 6 Galleries supported by the Welsh Arts Council.
1986 On the concept of ‘Colour Presentations’ ‘Exhibiting Space’.
1986 ‘Systematic Constructive Drawings’ Wentworth Gallery, University of York.
1987 ‘Four Systematic Constructive Artists’ Playhouse Gallery, Harlow.
1987 ‘Paintings and Drawings’ 2 Artists, Bonnington Gallery, Nottingham.
1989 ‘1000cm Geometrical Miniatures’ Galerie de Sluis, Holland/ Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Ludwigshafer, Rhein.
1988 ‘Null-Dimension’ Galerie New space, Fulda, Germany.
1989 ‘Symposium of systematic and constructive art, Centro Culltural de la villa, Madrid.
1989 ‘Complexions’, Galerie L’Idee, Zoetermeer, Holland/ Dean Clough Art Gallery, Halifax (with David Saunders and Nicole Charlett).
1990 ‘Blank Page No 4, Exhibition and Publication of Prints, London.
1991 ‘Constructivist Forum’ Issue 10 - Publication of Prints.
1994 30x30 Galerie L’Idee, Holland/ Wilhelm-Hack Museum, Rhein/Mondriaanhuis, Holland.
1996 ‘New Works’ , London.
1998 ‘Grossbritannien’ - Konstruktiv - Konkret, Erfurt – Germany.
2006 FORUM KONKRETE KUBST ERFUT in Mainz, Germany.
2011 ‘Hommage an eine Grundergeneration’, Institut fur Technische Form, Darmstadt.
2014 ‘Hommage an eine Grundergeneration’,Burgerstiftung, Osnabruck.
2016 ‘New Paintings’ (one person) The Mercus Barn, Ariege, France.
2017 ‘Ground, Rules’ Four Painters La Galerie Lycée Gabriel Fauré, Foix
2017 2017 Le Salon des Réalités Nouvelles
2017 9 Artists AbstractProject, Paris
2018 ‘Transforming Surfaces’ Arthouse1, London.

Paintings in various private and public collections including:

The Arts Council of Great Britain;
The Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts;
The Foundation IDAC (Holland);
The Mondriaanhuis;
Forum Konkrete Kunst, Erfurt (Germany);